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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Still Here

Didn't hear anymore on our counter-offer on the house so we will just hang in their till we get what we want.

In the mean time I had to spend some more of that money I made in Texas on the home we are trying to sell. Lucky I had the chance to make some extra money!!!
I noticed that I was getting some water coming up through the floor in the bulkhead area. Wasn't anything serious and I probably could have done nothing and it never would have been noticed.
But.....I couldn't sell the house knowing that so I am having it fixed.
The floor has been notched out from the bulkhead sub floor to inside where the French Drain is.
Crushed stone will be laid in and capped off with new concrete. This will allow any water seeping up to flow through the crush stone to the French Drain, thus keeping the floor dry.
I hope the new owners appreciate me spending this extra money so THEY won't have any problems with water.

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