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Friday, March 7, 2008

Tornado Warning

We are under a Tornado warning this morning until noon. It's a cloudy day and it has been raining but it's not that bad out.
I have to go out and pick up our chairs, etc. while Joyce watches for funnels. We'll report later after lunch.
It's now 5:30 PM and it is still raining off and on but the threat of a tornado is gone.
We did some grocery shopping and Joyce picked up a new Canon Power Shot SX100 IS at Best Buy. Really nice camera with 10x zoom so with this and the new video camera that we got from the kids, we are all set.
Tomorrow we have to pack it up and move out of here, we will be moving south to a campground in the town of Wauchula, Fl.
Hope we can get away from this rain.

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Bridge and Brenda said...

Brian says "your not in Kansas any more!" Mike J says "where in the heck is Wauchula?" I say Move on Paul and Joyce.

Chat soon
Love Bridge and Bren