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Sunday, March 16, 2008

From Mississippi to Louisiana

We stopped in Biloxi for two days and were not able to get online to post. The weather is getting warmer with the high yesterday of 78 degrees. We took a ride to the coast to look around and found that the town was having a big St Patrick's Day celebration.Had some of the local BBQ for lunch and there was a parade. The parade lasted for about an hour with various floats, etc. During the entire parade, beads were tossed to the crowd. As you can see, Joyce did pretty good at catching them. You may recall that Extreme Home Makeover did a special in Biloxi after Hurrican Katrina. Below is the memorial that they erected

Had to go to the HardRock Casino so Joyce could pick up a pin.


Bridge Connolly said...

Hi Paul and Joyce: Thanks for the blog. Many of the students in the classroom really enjoy looking at the pictures and some do well reading the excerpts. We have been tracking your travel route on our large classroom U.S. map. Please keep providing details of what you are doing, where you are going, we discusss these things in class. We also enjoy looking at the pictures. Also, a parent of one our students wanted to know if he could read your blog at home and write his own comments to you as well. I said I would ask for your permission. My email addressis tmello@scecoll.org. Thank you Tom.

Vic said...

Mom I LOVE all your beads!!!!!

Bridge and Brenda said...


Love all the BEads. you look like a gypsy!!