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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ocala Sun RV Resort & Daytona

Took the Jeep on Daytona Beach but no one wanted to race:)

Bikes lining the streets.
This bike has a Chevy 350 engine, and the back of the bike body is molded as a 1957 Chevy.
We took a ride to Daytona Beach and found out it's Bike week, what a site to see and there were some beautiful machines.
We are at the Resort and ran outside to take this picture, Joyce's camera decided to pick this time in our life to act up. The colors were all mixed-up so I used the old fix of banging on it a couple of times and it seems to be ok for the time being.


Pam & Becky said...

hey...I got a cousin in Daytona who has her dads custom made bike....it's a trike with wooden sides...it's awesome......Have fun you guys !

Kelly said...

Hi Paul and Joyce, This is really cool and I love it. I opened your email at work and put it on the smart board so all students can follow your adventure on our map. They loved it and Tom did too. He would like to know if you could continue to let us know about gas prices, etc. You know Tom, he loves to make everything an educational experience. Oh by the way, when is paul only 62!!! Good try Paul. Miss you Love Kelly