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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Moving Day

Today is moving day and we are so glad to see this coming to an end.
Casey came with Joyce and I to pick up the truck. Dogs love trucks!!!!
Everyone showed up and we had the truck packed in no time at all.
Once we got to the storage place I was shocked to see that the room we rented was a foot narrower then what we understood it would be. That one foot of space really made a difference. How are we going to get everything in there?
Well we decided to see what we could get in that small room.
Our two son-in-laws took their time and fitted every box and storage bin.
Joyce had to have her drift wood that we found in a dry river bed in Utah two years ago. We are running out of room!
Our son-in-law found a spot where it would fit upside down.
We were able to actually get 99% of our stuff packed in thanks to our two son-in-laws. Was like filling a time capsule.
Time to put the ramp away and call it a day.
Yahoo, we worked hard for this moment!
All that's left at home for us is this awesome entertainment system. Due to the echo in the room, if we turn the volume up on this 10" baby, it sounds like surround sound.
This is our living room set, note the nice coffee table.
Oh yes, and here's our bed before we remade it. Casey said it was ok for her.


John and Beth said...

OMG...can we ever relate. That's what our POD looked like with two kayaks on top of everything. But it will be so worth it when all is done. Beth says the driftwood will look so good next to the water feature in your court yard villa. See you soon. J&B

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

That was a real tight fit on the storage space :)