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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Heading Home Tomorrow

We got into the repair bay this morning to have the floor replaced in the "wet bay". There have been problems with water leaking into the bay and rotting the floor.
Mine was beginning to rot in one of the corners by the rear wheel so I'm having it replaced. Tiffin is covering the repair even though it is out of warranty. Tiffin recognized that they had a problem with this floor so they are replacing them all at their expense.
This is my fresh water tank after they removed it so they could get to the floor.
These are the new design replacement floors. They are able to replace the floor within 5-6 hours. After the floor is replaced, the coach is taken to the manufacturing building and the area of repair is undercoated.
This is the area where the old floor was removed.
While the coach was being worked on, Joyce and I took the factory tour. The woodworking building is really impressive. All the wood comes in as rough cut from the sawmill. The boards are then planed and trimmed by a machine which then sends them to another machine that cuts them to the required length. All the decorative woodwork and molding is made here along with all the cabinets and wood trims.
This is only one of about four bays in the wood shop.
Tiffin is now turning out twelve coaches a day which is considered a good rate of production.
We were ready for an early morning departure from here but after filling my water tank, I checked the tank gauge readout and found the even though the tank was full, it was only reading one third full. They are going to have to check the wiring on the tank first thing in the morning. Must be a wire that's disconnected. Once that's corrected, we are out of here!

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