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Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Snowing

Three days ago it was 68 degrees, today it's snowing. We use to sit in the house and look out at the coach, now we are sitting in the coach and looking at the home.
This is our view from the coach. We are now living in the coach in our yard.


Anonymous said...

Boy what a rotten view! The snow I mean. :)
There sure was plenty more of that white stuff to see over this winter - you at least had much better views then.
Sure sorry to hear about the house snafu! Hope it all works out for you quickly.
Still love following your blog.
Scott Mc.
(Your Landau neighbor down the road)

Paul and Joyce said...

Hey Scott,
Thanks for the vote of confidence but it looks like we are back in the waiting game for a new buyer. At least the home is 99% cleaned out.