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Monday, January 24, 2011

Having Problems With Steps

The door steps on the motorhome have suddenly developed a mind of their own.
I have the switch set to keep the steps open but for the last week they have been coming in on their own. It's strange, because we would be sitting outside and all of a sudden the steps would go in!

I had found a bad ground on the wiring and fixed that and everything seemed fine then the steps would do it again a couple days later. I have been chasing this for a couple weeks and I'm running out of ideas so I have posted for help from the Tiffin forum. They usually have good ideas so we'll see what happens.

Other than that we have nothing exciting to report, the weather is in the high 60's and I'm trying to get rid of a cough from a cold I got four weeks ago. This always happen when I get a cold, have to get better drugs for the cough.

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nan & john said...

We had the same problem on our Winnebago. The steps would even go out as we drove down the interstate! Finally got a new switch. Good luck and God speed!