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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 2 At Disney

Day 2 we went to Disney studio (formerly MGM).
I wanted to go on the Tower Of Terror with the kids but Joyce was afraid I wouldn't make it through the ride.The kids went their way and we went ours for the day. This was the old streets of NY movie set.
We even ran into Herbie the Love Bug.
We took in the stunt show which was excellent!
The cars were racing everywhere and spinning around, these guys were good!
And it all ended in a fiery crash.
We then strolled the streets and came across this nice fountain with Miss Piggy as the center piece.
That's Buzz up there keeping an eye on things in the street.
After being at Disney all day we went to dinner at a local CiCi's Pizza. The pizza is set out buffet style and you help yourself to what ever you want. They also have a salad bar and dessert.
The guys pigged out on different varieties of pizza.
I think Jess like the macaroni the best, yuk!

That's enough for today.

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Vic said...

Macaroni and Cheese pizza......Brooke would fall in love! LOL