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Monday, October 25, 2010

More Work On The Jeep

I took the Jeep to a Goodyear Tire center last week for an alignment and tire rotation. In the middle of checking the alignment, their machine died. At this point they had to take the Jeep next door to the Firestone Tire Center.

Because of their machine dying, the job took longer than planned so they gave me a slip for a free oil change.
So, I took the jeep back for my free oil change in the middle of last week and they changed the oil, filter, and greased everything for free. My only complaint is they over filled the oil by one quart so I had to get dirty.

While under the Jeep I noticed that my serpentine belt was cracking badly so off I went to get a replacement.
Replacing the belt is an easy job but the next day after replacing the belt, the water pump started to leak badly. I thought my days of turning wrenches was over but the money I save by doing it myself will buy me move diesel fuel.

I picked up a new water pump today and plan on doing the job in a couple of days after I have a nail removed from a tire on Joyce's car.

Is there no end to this???


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

It seems that when you have work done a vehicle, it seems to breed more.

Took the toad in for an oil change and ended up with new brakes and front discs.

You are braver than me, I figure if I work on it, there will only be for work to fix what I did.

Paul and Joyce said...

I like to do my own work because I don't trust the repair shops, like you say...Bring it in for one thing and there's always new problems that follow.