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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Borderland State Park

While I stayed home and finished doing some chores, Joyce and Casey took a ride to Borderland State Park. Borderland was the home to Oakes and Blanch Ames. Oakes was one of two brothers that eventually ran the Ames Shovel Shop that brought them their wealth.
This is the home. It is open for tours but wasn't the day Joyce visited.
There are paths of various lengths all over the estate, this is one of them.
Joyce and Casey stop for a rest.
The swimming pool was totally designed by Blanche Ames, after she died, no one could figure out how to make the system work and the pool was finally filled in and landscaped as a water garden. This is the area where the swimming pool was before they filled it in.
There is a pond on the property that was of considerable size and Casey had to check out the inhabitants.
The swan didn't care about Casey being around.
One of the stone cabins on the property.
There was a nice warm fire going in the stone cabin but there was no body there watching it!!!!

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