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Monday, June 21, 2010

Good News

Last week my son-in-law had a problem with his lawn tractor not starting and it turned out to be the starter gear was broken.
I figured that I would take a look at my starter and when I removed the cover, I was amazed to find that the same thing happened to my starter. The only difference was the gear had jambed the flywheel on mine and made it seem like the engine was seized.
Once I removed the starter, I was able to turn the engine by hand so the good news is that it's only a $10.00 repair. It's just strange that my starter failed one week after my son-in-laws did.

Oh yes, and I did top off the oil level with fresh oil.

I got out of bed this morning, went to the bathroom and found this when I came out. Casey is not allowed on the furniture so I was a bit surprised to find her stretched out. Hmmmm...I wonder where she got this from?

Yesterday was a hot and humid (dog day) and Casey figured out that cool air came out of those registers in the floor so that's where she spent most of her time.
Joyce's eyes are coming along good and it looks like I will have my navigator back by the time we leave. Speaking of leaving, I'm not sure if I mention it but our tentative departure date for the Dakotas is 7-5-10 so stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to following your next adventure. Wife and I plan on heading out in late august for an extended road trip. Wanted to wait until school was back in session, hoping that most campgrounds will have vacancies.

Glad you got your lawn tractor going. I have one that is about 15 years old and every time I start it up I wonder if it will have the "big one" LOL


Paul and Joyce said...

Thanks, I also hope that the campgrounds won't all be full.
Safe travels!