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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Savannah Day 2

OOOOOOOH man, it's been a long time since I got to post. The last thing I did was upload the pic's below then we moved to a state park and I had no service. Sorry for the delay but will bring you up to date. We are now in a Kohls parking lot in the middle of thunder storm in N. Carolina. I keep loosing my Internet connection and I am getting frustrated. Just lost another day but I finally finished before we hit the road again.

Day two of Savannah consisted of a trolley tour of the old city. We were able to get off and on as we wanted to. The old city has so many churches of different denominations that it was difficult to post them all so I tried to be picky.

Tomochichi was a Creek Indian said to be one of the co-founders of Georgia. He was approx. seven feet tall and lived to be over 90 years old.
His original burial spot was under this monument but he was suppose to have been moved to an other area in the park and a large stone place on his grave.
Another church
This sign tells the story of the home below.
Our tour guides wife is and artist and she sold a painting of General Johnston's door.
This Plaque was at the entrance of the old cemetery.

This gent was from Rhode Island
The walkways in Savannah are made from a mixture of concrete and sea shells.
Even the Austrians were here in their RV.
The azaleas were in bloom everywhere and the city was so colorful.
The architecture and detail of the homes is something to see.Most of the homes were in restored condition so the city was just awesome to walk around and take in.
Another one of the many homes that I took pictures of.

The Pirate's House. And who remembers Treasure Island
A shot of the house from the bus.
And you know that we had to stop for lunch along the way. We found a small place that was right along the shore of the Savannah River walkway.
Have I ever mentioned that I love chicken!!! Chick strips and honey mustard dipping sauce.
This bronze statue is The Waving Girl. She is waving her hankerchief at the ships as they came into port. The story has it that every day she would walk to the shore in the morning and the evening to greet the incoming ships in hopes that her boy friend was returning to her as he said he would. All the sailors knew of her and they would all return her waves as they came in. Her sailor never did return and they figure that he was killed or died at sea.
I just had to get a shot of this trike. Note the steering wheel! It is powered by a Ford four cylinder engine with automatic transmission. It also has heat and AC. It is called a Stallion!

Back to the history of Savannah, this is the other co-founder of Georgia.
And his statue.
There was a lot of cast iron and wrought iron detailing at most of the homes. Note the cast iron fish downspout ends
Then we came to the Cathedral of Saint John The Baptist and had to go in for a look.

WOW! It amazes me how so many years ago, we took the time to construct something with so much beauty and detail. We don't seem to take the time to create works of art like this anymore.

The Organ was playing, guess where it was manufactured!!! Here is some interesting information about the Organ.
As I passed by the fountain, I did double take and had to get the shot.
Forsyth Park
The Fountain is one of the most photographed items in Savannah.

I still have so many pictures of Savannah but lack the room on the blog to post them. We enjoyed Savannah so much that we will return next year to see what we missed and revisit the things we have seen.

Also, Savannah is where Forrest Gump sat on the park bench and told his story while waiting for the bus. The bench is gone from the park where it was because it kept needing repair from everyone sitting and having their picture taken. There is also a local gent that dresses and plays the part of Forrest, but he wasn't around while we were in the area.

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