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Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Day Exploring The Talladega Area

The Race Track was only four miles away so we headed there first.

There is a museum there so we did the track tour and the museum.
The track is so huge that there is no way to show the size in pictures like this.
If you go for the tour, don't waste your money on the track tour. We didn't get to run the track and the only time we could get out of the van was to get a quick pic of the winners circle. Can you spell rip off?
The museum on the other hand was fantastic. There was so much to see and take pictures off. I have to limit my pictures in the post because I have used over 90% of my allotted space for pictures. Not sure what I'm going to do when I hit 100%.
Fun Facts about the track!
Oh yea.....my search is over!
Here's his car!
I drove Joyce nuts with this one, I kept looking for Ricky Bobby.
Some interesting things were in this museum, and this was just the start.
Petty's ride.
Super fast boat.

Four twin turbo engines.
This says it all.
All original inside too.
There were cars every where.
Some real special cars.
Here's one.
Back then the race cars were actually real cars. Some even had the window handles still in them.
The last of Davey Allison's cars

Just some crazy driver.
One of Dale's old rides.
Back when he ran the #2
And then there's Million Dollar Bill!

I just had to get a pic of this Willys
Oh man, what a sweet ride.
Can you see the Chrysler Push Button Drive, those were cool.
Do you remember the "Winged Warriors"?
The street models looked just like that, ugly but fast!!!!
Looked like Sears was on the right road at one time.
They used this Fiat for their testing.
If you know anything about racing, you'll know this car.
Those were the days of real racing.
The museum had a small room dedicated to Earnhardt.
There were too many items to take pictures of so I selected a few.
His last race!
The intimidator
The crash, and the last Nascar race that I have watched. It's not the same without him!
Another area within the museum contains some of the classic engines. Wow, a 1937 overhead cam Ford V8.
And check out this beauty. I had one of these in a 1953 Ford pickup.
Of course mine wasn't this pretty! But what a sweet engine.
And then there's what is probably the most popular engine.
Pretty huh!
Further on in the museum, there are carts of all types.
More carts, every kids dream!!
Here's the one I want. Hang on!!!!!
The museum had so much stuff in it we could have spent most of the day there but it was time to move on so we continue into the old section of Talledega.
Not too much to see. There were some old period store that were in nice condition.
The courthouse is in the center of the town square like so many other small towns that we have visited.
Then just out of the center of town we found the Texaco Walk of Fame. Let me tell you, this town takes there racing seriously.
Here's this beautiful circular walkway surrounded with bronze plaques dedicated to various drivers. There wer too many for me to post so I have attached some selected ones.

And many more.

It's late and we are heading to Savannah in the morning......good night!

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