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Friday, April 30, 2010

Just Another Day At Home

We had a really windy day yesterday. I was outside cleaning up and heard a loud crash. My neighbor has a large pine tree in front of his house and the wind caused it to split down the middle. The larger part of the tree fell on his roof causing it to partially cave in. No one was injured but his horses that were next to the house were running scared.
Then we went to our granddaughters track meet. One granddaughter finished first in the 100 meter race, and the other finished first in the hurdles. Saturday they will be in some races that will include about 20 towns from Massachusetts. The girls are picked to be favorites based on their record times. Should be a fun day.
I have been doing a few small projects in the coach like installing another cup holder by the drivers side sofa. Actually we are ready for the road if we could leave but Joyce still has to have her cataract surgery and I will be having the Bursa removed from my right knee, so it will be a couple of months before we leave.
In the mean time, Casey is growing fast and I believe that she is looking forward to the next trip.

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Cool picture of the pine tree failure.

Try reporting what you saw to:


Really enjoying your journey!