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Friday, April 2, 2010

Crossing Georgia

We headed out at approx. 9:30 AM for what was suppose to be a nice five hour ride to Savannah where we planned on staying for at least a few days. Joyce wanted to stop at Savannah on our way out back in December but it didn't happen.
So as we were a couple of hours into our trip the traffic started to back up. There was one of those electronic highway signs stating that there would be congestion on the highway due to "Spring Break"... Man-o-man, this is our third Spring Break that we have run into. Seems that there is no consistency as to when the individual states take there break. We think that they plan it around our travels so we'd get stuck in this c--p!
The traffic slowed to a snails pace for the next hour and a half and we were getting nowhere fast.
Then these two trucks decided to run of the road. No one was injured.
Here's the city of Atlanta, I didn't get to really see it because the traffic was everywhere, remember......Spring Break. Their all heading for Florida.
Then we came upon a car that as on fire and the traffic on the other side of the highway was stopped for miles. We finally started to move.
Here we go!!!!
Now that the traffic was starting to lighten up we stopped to fuel and get lunch. As we got off the highway we came upon this. The truck that was hauling the trailer full of NEW pickups caught fire and burnt to the chassis. It also took out some of the new trucks......ouch! Driver is ok.
When we stopped for lunch we began checking the campgrounds only to find that they are all full because of Easter....and you thought I was going to say Spring Break!
We did locate a campground close to the city of Savannah but the site they have is only available for tomorrow and Sunday. We reserved the site and looked for a place for tonight.
We got lucky and for this abandoned gas station / truck stop right off the highway. There's even a diner located on the other side of the huge parking lot. Maybe we can do breakfast in the morning. Well it's 5:30 and it's 88 degrees, finally stating to cool down a little. I LOVE IT!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

What campground did you finally get to stay in while in Savannah?


Paul and Joyce said...

We are staying at the Biltmore Gardens RV Park which is about 5 miles from the Visitors Center in the city.

JoAnna said...

Atlanta traffic is ALWAYS bad. Your blog is interesting and I'll enjoy checking back! :)