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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our First Maiden Voyage With Friends

We are at Lake Champagne in Vermont for the 4th of July weekend. That's us on the right and the other two coaches belong to our friends. This was our first real trip since we got the coach. It took us about four hours to get here but it was a beautiful ride in the sun.
Whereas we were the last ones to get here, we had to compare notes of the ride.
Don, Lucy, and Bruno just got their coach this week. Joyce and I took care of Bruno while Don & Lucy flew to Florida to pick up their baby.
Ken and Donna are friends that live about 1/4 mile down the street from us. Ken broke all the speed limits just to get here before us. You see we left two hours before them and they beat us here by about five minutes
Oh yeah, have to have a picture of us while the sun is out because it rained big time shortly after.
Donna (waving) made a big pot of American Chop Suey which was enjoyed by all. Donna also brought a double, double chocolate cake. Great dinner, great friends!!
The men took a short ride to see the area attractions. The veterans cemetery has a beautiful chapel that overlooks the cemetery.
For a small out of the way town, the cemetery was really beautiful.
Bordering the cemetery, there is a large stand of Maple trees. The trees are set up with plastic tubing taps that are connected to a big blue main plastic line that runs downhill to a small sugar shack.
In this picture, you can plainly see the taps.
Another view as we left the cemetary.
Every town has it's famous person. This town was the home of Justin Morgan for which the horse was named.
And the state Normal School! So you have to be normal to be a teacher??

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