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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vermont State Car???

Yup, if there is ever going to be a state car for Vermont it has to be a......Subaru. That's right, that is all you see around here, and there seems to be one in everyones yard. Must have had a sale on them!

There is an old farm house across the street from our campground. Joyce and I were sitting outside and could hear a thumping noise coming from that area. We looked and there was a middle age woman bare foot and wearing a sweater and skirt, and she was throwing an AXE at an old tree stump. I mean she grabbed the end of this three foot handled axe, swung it over her head with both hands, and threw it at the stump that was about 25 feet away. She had maybe four axes by her feet and she would throw them one at a time and they were all sticking into that tree stump. Wow, am I impressed!!!!

Tomorrow we will be crossing into Canada and I'm not sure if I will be able to post, we'll see!


Larry Jorgenson said...

Paul said: "Tomorrow we will be crossing into Canada and I'm not sure if I will be able to post, we'll see!"

I know you all think that across the border we're all eskimos and dog sleds but really, your cell/internet coverage should be no different than in any of your other travels.

Enjoy your trip through the maritimes. You really should venture out west though. Like in the US, the prairies are completely different scenery-wise than the coasts. Avoid Toronto for now - their city workers have been on strike for a long time and the garbage has been piling up.

Paul and Joyce said...

Thanks Larry,
You are correct about the coverage but the roaming charges are too hefty for someone living on a limited income. Good to hear from you AAAAAA!