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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rodeo In Vermont????

Below is a shot of our campsite at Gifford Woods State Park in Vermont, N43 40.589 W72 48.652.
We have no hook-ups because I wanted to try out the couch systems using the solar panels. Well, as you can see, we have a bit of tree coverage so recharging of the batteries is very slow due to the trees and cloud coverage.
We were up till after midnight listening to some music and this morning we did coffee and ran the toaster and microwave without running the generator. We are both on our laptops now and the battery voltage never went below 12.4 volts.

Last night we went to the Rodeo!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, there is a Rodeo in Vermont and we must admit that it was more enjoyable than any of the Rodeos that we went to out west. You've got hand it to those Vermont cowboys at Pond Hill Ranch, they put on a great show.

Some calf roping

And what's a Rodeo without one of those great Dough Boys!

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SUBLDO said...

Came accross your blog and must say its one of the most complete we have seen. Have enjoyed reading about your trips. We have been RVing for about three years now. Upgraded to a class C Winnebago two years ago. Most of our trips have been to neighboring states, we live in Upstate South Carolina. We are trying to plan an extended trip up to Niagra Falls and then over to Maine and try to spend a few days in Bar Harbor. Question .... when you travel do you make your reservations in advance? Seems like you stay at a lot of state parks.