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Friday, June 5, 2009

Coach Is On It's Way

It's still raining here but it stopped long enough for me to mow the lawn which is growing like crazy because all it does is rain.

Joyce called Tiffin yesterday to check on the progress of the Coach and they told her that it's scheduled to be at the dealers by Monday. Today I received a call from the dealer for a 1:00 PM Thursday appointment to install the solar panels and pick up the coach, YAHOO!!!!!
The dealer has a campground so we will be staying at least Thursday night to check everything out to insure things work properly.

I just hope I can get the two solar panels, wiring, controller, bedding, pillows, and essentials packed in the Jeep for our trip to the dealers on Thursday. Can't forget the camera!!!


Anonymous said...

You must be so excited, we look forward to seeing pics of the new coach. Have you decided where you will go on your maiden voyage??? Good luck and safe travels.

Linda & Al

Paul and Joyce said...

We will spend the first night at the dealers campground then drive home which is a two hour drive. Maiden voyage will probably be along the Maine coast.