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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Coach Is Delayed

Oh man, if it wasn't for bad luck I swear we wouldn't have any luck at all. Got a call from the dealer that the coach is at Freightliner somewhere in Maryland.
Seems that the check engine light came on while it was on route from the factory in Alabama and the driver took it in to be checked. Better it happened now than when I had it. Now the dealer is waiting for a call from Tiffin so we can find out how long the delay will be. At this time we don't know if we will still be on for Thursday....Bummer!!!


Anonymous said...

Your coach is a beauty. And, from what I understand, you can't get a better one than Tiffin. Guess it'll take a while to get the bugs worked out, however. Good luck! George

Paul and Joyce said...

Thanks George, we know that we will have problems just like any other coach and will get them taken care of as they surface,