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Friday, April 4, 2014

Things Are Progessing Nicely

I have just finished attaching the two piece frame to the wall. Note the two Nichos (insert shelves). I had to install by cutting into the expanded metal, I looked like I had been in a knife fight by the time I was done. You just get near this stuff and it cuts you bad. This was two days of work and approx. 300 self tapping screws. This weekend I will install the hearth.
Over to the right is the kitchen area, and the floor tiles have just been done. Still have to grout. We have picked three colors for the interior walls. The color you see here is for the Kitchen / Dining / Living Room / Hallway areas.
Off of the kitchen, the remaining flooring except for the master bath, will be done in this porcelain wood planking.
 Dining area
 More to come

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