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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Update On The House

Things have been happening. We how have the plaster work done and I can start the building of the Kiva.
 Once the concrete blocks have been glued to the floor, I mounted the base of the firebox.
 I put the framework up so you can see what it is going to look like.
 The next section of the firebox weighed about 300 lb's and I needed some help lifting it into place.
 Once that section is in place, I had to assemble the gas valve assembly to the front of the base.
 There is a 4" fresh air intake connected to the end of the gas assembly. This will supply fresh air to the burner, and help cool the chimney. The front section is now installed to the firebox.
 Then the top of the firebox is positioned with special mortar cement.
 Meanwhile, the contractor forgot to inform the plasterers that all the corners were to be rounded. Now they all must be removed and redone to a bullnose.
 Today I started to install the chimney only to find out that I'm short a four foot piece. This will set me back a week waiting for a section of pipe. Not able to find a piece locally. Bummer!!! 
The concrete was done for the coach hookup. Won't get power till the power is connected to the house.
Joyce has been running around getting paint samples for the interior and exterior. I'll be glad when this is done.

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