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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Windows And Vigas

We have a door that still requires stain, and we also have all but one window.
 Joyce and I selected a color for the Vigas (log ends)
 They were already primed when we received them, so it was just a matter of one quick coat of paint.
 These things were drying almost as fast as Joyce painted them so I started to install them.
 Easy to install by screwing in four places on the flange.
 The stucco will be installed around the mounting flange to complete the effect.
 I just finished the driveway side of the house.
 Day two and I am finishing up the front. That's Sam holding the ladder. Sam work at the campground with me.
 Getting ready to install the last Viga in the front of the house.
 The last screw! A total of (20) pieces and I really enjoyed doing the job.

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