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Friday, April 18, 2014

Time Marches On

We have a new Gator at Seasons In The Sun Campground. He or she, is about 6 feet long and I was able to get this close in the car to get the pic. Too friendly!!!
The floors are finished in the house and the interior doors are being hung. 
 They are finishing Joyce's little patio wall in the front of the house.
 I had Lintels added over all the windows and doors to give the effect of timbers.
 They are darker now because they were just done.
 The Lintels are done from stucco. Note the rough grain to give them the look of wood. We will have them painted a dark brown.
Tony the stucco guy had never done Lintels or Kivas before so he was proud of the way things came out. Joyce and I are really happy with the finish results. The Kiva has the color added to the concrete rather than painting later.
 Electrician is suppose to be coming any day and the kitchen cabinets will be delivered Monday.