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Monday, November 4, 2013

Winter Is Coming

We left the Jeep Liberty back in Florida so we could hook up the Wrangler we had left in Mass. I had planned on taking it back to Florida with us. She had been sitting in this spot for over four months. Covered with tree sap, spider webs, and mildew stains, I got in and turned the key.
To my surprise, she fired up after two turns of the engine. The only problem was that the heater was only blowing slightly warm air. had to flush the heater core and got really good heat but for only a few days. Man, it's just too cold to have to work on the Jeep but I guess I'll have to give the system a full flushing to remove all the residue.
I also had an exhaust gasket blow out at the exhaust to converter flange. I kind of like the way it sounds. "Everything you own, owns a little bit of you"
We had a little rain the other day and these little birds were enjoying the puddle in front of the coach.
We changed the clocks yesterday and now it gets dark at 5 PM......that sucks.

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