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Monday, November 11, 2013

Honoring The Troups On Veterans Day

Whereas it is Veterans Day, Joyce and I took a ride to the Veterans Cemetery on Cape Cod to visit her father's grave.
So many graves everywhere you looked.
It was a very emotional visit seeing all those flags, and this was only a small portion of all the soldiers that served this country so we could live free.
 Joyce's dad's ashes are placed in this wall.
 Joyce's dad
 On our way back home, we stopped along the canal so Casey could stretch her legs. That's the Sagamore Bridge in the background.
 Looking West
 As we looked back, this tug boat came around the corner with a barge in tow.
 And here they come.
 Nice tug!
 This thing was all dented along the side. Surprised it still floats.
 Can you see where it came from.......Miami

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