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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Ladies Are Off Again

I had things to do today so the ladies took a ride to the Cape Cod Canal. Along the way they stopped to check out the Buddhist Temple along the way. When completed, this will be the largest Buddhist Temple outside of Thailand. This temple is being built in honor of the king of Thailand who was born in Cambridge Ma. while his father attended Harvard.
 Once at the Cape, they stopped at the famous railroad bridge along the canal.
 I have never seen the bridge in it's lowered position.
 Stephanie standing at the shore line of the canal with the Bourne Bridge in the background.
 I never realized there was a memorial erected to men that lost their life during WWII while serving aboard a sub.
 Stephanie at the start of the canal as it open to the ocean.
 There is a store at the approach to the Bourne Bridge that has this neat windmill.
La Salette Shrine started it's festival of lights Thanksgiving night. The girls went to check it out.
 S is for Stephanie
 Megan doesn't mind the cold, she's our grand daughter that lives here.

 Stephanie enjoying the displays.
 This is Clopper, he looked lonesome.
 Joyce looks like a bear with all the coats she has on.

 This year they Shrine changed to LED's to help lower their electric bill.
 Hard to get a good picture of all the lights.
Time to head home for the night.

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

It has been a long time since I thought about the canal. I made a transit of the canal on a Coast Guard ship in 1973 and have not seen the canal since.