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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This Project Sucks

Whereas we are still sitting here waiting for the closing on the sale of the house, I have been looking to do some updates on the coach.

Ever since we got the coach Joyce complained about the central vac system not working very good. I had to agree that it just barely picked up dirt and forget about the dog hair.

So I have been checking for a better vac system that would fit. I had found that a lot of Tiffin motorhome owners had changed to a unit that is made in Canada. I ordered on and did the installation that was a breeze.

After removing the old system, I decided to install the new unit on the opposite side of the coach. The new unit has a muffler that you can see at the left. I ran the piping from the muffler, over the unit and down through the floor. This way any small particles will be expelled outside under the coach. I installed a stainless steel screen at the end of the exhaust tube so no critters can enter the vac..
Once the project was completed, Joyce tested it and reported that it is just about as strong as  the central vac system we have in the house........glad I put this system in. 

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