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Monday, September 19, 2011

Yup.....Still Here

We are playing catch-up with doctors, dentist, etc. We have been looking for a newer Jeep but it's not a top priority as of yet. I also had to get state inspections done on all three vehicles.
The coach needs some grease on the front suspension, registration renewal, propane topped off and a bath.
Yesterday we took our stuff out of storage and moved it back home to a storage room in the basement of our home. No sense in paying for storage when the house is still waiting to sell.

Joyce is looking into renting the home, I am letting her handle that task because I didn't really want to rent out but the extra income will help if we get the right people in the house. We will continue to have the house on the market but will rent till the market comes back enough to sell it.

Joyce has her morning coffee while her and Casey watch the squirrels run around the yard.

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