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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bowling Green Florida

We have another winter work camper job lined up located in Bowling Green, Fl. It was a good two hour ride that took us past Disney.

The town of Bowling Green is very small with very limited things to do or see.
A lot of the buildings are empty. This is city hall.
Not sure what this is or was.
We got to the park and was shown the area where we would be parked while we worked there. As you can see, we would be in the woods.
Joyce forgot to get a pamphlet of the place so we stopped on our way out. We have to decide where we want to work camp for our winter months. We have two places to pick from but I believe we will be returning to where we are now.
I remember when VW's were popular, there were a lot of these chopped buses around.

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