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Friday, September 9, 2011

We Are Still On The Road

We got an early start in the rain but started to run into problems in PA. It seems that most of the major routes across the state were closed in areas due to floods. You can see the road block on the exit ahead. We were on 81 heading for 84 but ran into detours.

As you can see, the water is running high. We are on 81 here.

We then had to detour from 81 to 78 which ran us into another detour that took us down a back road that was also full of detours.
Things only became worse as the roads began to narrow and full of low branches.

Nice Huh!

Now we have workers on these back roads, and we had to contend with other RV's coming the other way.

More road blocks and detours. Man, will we ever get out of PA?
Welcome to New York, I can't believe it took us all day to get here. We should have been home by now!
We made it as far as a Walmart in Fishkill, NY. We had enough for one day so we pulled in at 4:30 and called it a day.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Okay, you have our attention. We are planning to head across PA on 84 toward OH after leaving southern NH. We were planning to go across the southern tier of NY for a scenic trip, but the flooding there is very bad. So we were going south thru Connecticut and then across 84 on to 80 into Oh. Now I am not so sure about that.

Paul and Joyce said...

We are on 84 in NY heading for Conn. so toot when you see us. You'll be ok going through NY but I can't say the same for PA. good luck!