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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dog Days

It's been a very hot week so we took Casey to the dog park again to see if there was anyone else crazy enough to go out in this heat. As we got there, this cool train went by.
Casey also made a couple of new friends at the park and they actually enjoyed the pool together.
After the dog park, we dropped Casey at the coach so she could have a nap and we took a ride for lunch. We did so back roads and came to a nice sea food restaurant with a fishing pier in the back.
You could sit outside on the deck to eat but it was just too hot for that.
The restaurant was all by itself off of a side street. We found it as we were looking for the ocean. We both had the scallop basket and it was yummy.
As we departed from lunch, there was a very small town park that had this sign posted.
The park also honors the fishing industry with this plaque.

This is the park.

Further down the back roads I passed this tree and did a double take. Had to back up for this one. That's a palm tree that the tree is wrapped around. Cool huh!
Then we saw this.....note the large tree branch going through the house. They do neat things with trees here.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Looks like the dog park could use a bigger pool. I am sure it was a welcome soak in the heat.

Paul and Joyce said...

The dog park really needs some shaded areas for the dogs and their owners.