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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cocoa Beach

We thought we'd take a drive to Cocoa Beach in the morning before it got too hot.
As we drove along A1A in Cocoa Beach, I spotted a DD's and stopped for Coolatta's and a jelly donut. I was shocked when I walked in the door and found a double line of people waiting to be served. There is no drive-up window so it was really slow getting our stuff. The first big hit on my drink and oh no....brain freeze! This is Cocoa Beach Pier.....No dogs allowed!

Casey and I waited at the start of the pier while Joyce walked out and got a pic of the beach.

This is the "World's Most Famous" Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach. Joyce went in to get a "T" shirt while Casey and I waited in the Jeep. There were so many people in the store, she gave up and came out before the dog and I died from heat exhaustion. We have got to get a Jeep that has AC!
The cruise ships leave from here. The Disney ship leaves on Thursdays. This one is a Carnival Cruise ship.
Hey do you remember Lois Lane on the old Super Man series on TV, I thought she drove one of these Nash Metropolitan's. I was wrong.

We passed this guy on our way home and had to get the pic.
Nice car, note the dual exhaust. Sounded like a six cylinder.
Whereas we had Casey with us, we stopped to get lunch we could bring back and eat at home. Never had Krystals before so this was a test.
This is a basic order.....you get four small square burgers and fries. The burgers are steamed and have a different flavor from the other burger joints. I do think that they steam out a lot of the flavor but they were pretty good, but not as good as 5 guys.

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Sounds like a fun, if crowded and hot day out.