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Monday, January 12, 2009

Went For A Ride Around The Block

It was a cool and cloudy day today and there wasn't much to do so we decided to take a ride. I didn't figure on any particular route except to make a big loop that took us about three hours.
Along the way we passed this bus parked along the side of the rode, Mac didn't think it was funny at all.

Further along the way at about lunchtime, we were on this back rode looking for a place to stop and eat. In a small town name Anthony, we came across this small diner.

After noting the sign, we asked the waitress if they had ever seen John Travolta. The waitress stated that John and his son ate at the diner often. As we left the diner, a small jet took off and flew right over us. It may have been the Travolta family leaving.
We left the diner and proceeded down the rode. Less than a mile away, we passed the estate where the Travolta family have their Florida home.


Note that we were not looking for the Travolta home, nor did we have any interest in locating it, we were only out for a ride and fate took us in that direction. If it wasn't for the sad mishap that the family experienced, and the photos on the news coverage, we probably would have driven past the gate and not recognize it.

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Bridge and Brenda said...

Hi Joyce and Paul
Finally got to read all the blog and catch up on travels. Sorry to hear about Mac. Im sure he would rather be traveling and enjoyin the warm weather than 8*. Brrr.
I hope everyone has a safe trip. looking forward to the stories and pics on your long vaca. Talk soon.
Love Brenda