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Friday, January 30, 2009

Forbidden Gardens

We visited Forbidden Gardens in Katy Texas Friday afternoon. Forbidden Gardens offers you a miniaturized tour of the Forbidden City of China. The tour was very interesting but I was not able to get much information about the construction, the owner, or history of the Forbidden Gardens, so I turned to the Internet. I was able to find some great information that answered all my questions at Roadside America . Below are some of the pictures taken during the tour. Pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.
Joyce sitting at the gates where the tour begins.
Main Entrance
Bridge beyond the Main Entrance
First look at the Terra-Cotta Army
Scaled to 1/3rd the size of the originals
There are over 6000 replicas
The follow signs discribe the pictures below them.
"Hall of Supreme Harmony"

Imperial Garden

Garden of Tranquil Longevity

Palace of Motherly Tranquility

Ci Ning Garden

Hall of Martial Spirit

West Glorious Gate

These pictures show the detail of the building construction.

This is a small representation of the actual table.
The photographer

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