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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Joyce's New Ride

They delivered Joyce's cart today.
 It is actually a 2010 Club Car that has been rebuilt with new everything. Custom body, 6" lift kit, oversize wheels and tires. Living our 2nd childhood.
As for my yellow Jeep Wrangler, I had it towed to a local garage yesterday. I have decided to speed a little money on it because I love that Jeep. Will do the brakes first, and a rear axle seal. Will still need shocks if I get to it. Will play this one by ear!


Anonymous said...

Nice new house!
Nice new toy! (Club car)

Tough thinking about getting rid of the Jeep - Was thinking of selling mine too, but don't think I can do it - Only has 62,000 & I need it to plow with (of course you don't need to even think about that anymore!)
Just had to replace my gas tank skid plate (rotted out). They do hold their value though & could use the $$ for DD's college, but love it too much! Will just keep eating Mac&Cheese instead :)

Scott in Rehoboth (Landau neighbor)

Paul and Joyce said...

Wow.....Nice hearing from you Scott!