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Friday, February 14, 2014

Rain Is Gone And Work Continues

We signed up for a tour of Boston Whaler which is located about 20 minutes away.
I was impressed with the size of their facility but didn't care for the working conditions in the area of manufacturing. No way could I work in an area for 8 hours with the fiberglass resin odor. It was tough breathing while just doing the tour.
Anyways.....we had to wear these vest. And the boats were awesome. The biggest one they make has three 300 horsepower outboards. Hang on!
This is my next project. Joyce found this online and we have already purchased the sink and faucet sets.
So off we went to the sawmill for another piece of cypress. This one was 2" thick, 18" wide, and 10 feet long.
 And here are our Vigas...faux log ends. We have twenty of these that will be stained or painted, and install below the roof line to give the effect of roof support timbers.
 Hallow inside!
 The roofers finally showed up so I had to get up there and check things out.
 Theses shingles are more difficult to install according to the roofers, so it's taking them a lot longer to finish the roof. No rain in sight so we are good for a finish-up on Monday.

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