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Monday, December 3, 2012

I'm Back....Ouch

Hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday. Everything was good on this end up till Sunday Nov. 18th. I have a history of getting Kidney Stones and usually pass them. Well it was a year ago that I passed a couple but this year was different.

On the 18th I was in enough discomfort that I went to the ER to get checked out. A CAT scan showed that I had two large stones that probably would not pass. So an appointment was made for me to see a urologist on Dec. 14th.

Well I only made it to Dec. 1st and the pain was extreme. Back to the ER and another CAT scan to find out that one of the stones had moved into the plumbing and had the second stone jambed in behind it. This plug measured just over 1/4" and was going nowhere.

They got me a bed, good drugs, and scheduled me for 9:00AM laser surgery to remove the stones. Normally they would try blasting the stones with ultrasound but the machine rotates to area hospitals and wasn't due back for another week.

One hour of surgery and back to my room in time for the Patriots Miami kickoff. I was told that I could go home after two urine samples. I started to drink and we made it home at half time. Go Pats.

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