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Friday, December 7, 2012

Another Project Completed

Joyce and I have been working on our custom copy of a product that protects your towed vehicle from stone damage. I did the design and cutting, and Joyce did all the sewing.
This is the finish product ready for testing.
We took the coach to a large parking lot, hooked up the Liberty and installed the stone guard. I was very satisfied with the fit, it came out better than I expected.
Although the stone guard performed perfectly, I am a bit concerned about the exhaust heat so I ordered some heat protection material that's good to 2000 degrees and we will attach it to the area of the exhaust tip.
As you can see, the fabric offers total protection from sand and stones.
When cornering, the bungee cord stretches on the outside of the turn and pulls in on the inside of the turn. During the turn, the PVC tubing holds the material up so it doesn't hit the road.


Margery said...

Great teamwork, Paul and Joyce! The tow shield turned out great!

Paul and Joyce said...

Thank you, it was a project that took some time to complete but it did help past the time while we wait for our departure.