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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trip To Moosehead Lake In Maine

We arrived in Greenville, Maine set up camp and headed out for the three hour boat trip.
The Katahdin is an old work horse from years gone by. She use to hall logs across Moosehead Lake. The three hour loop was informative but the cruise was slow and I wish it had only been a two hour cruise.
This 49 Pontiac Woody was parked in the lot at the cruise pier. She was towing an old classic boat, trailer, and motor.
 This s the boat, what a beauty.
 Sweet restoration.
There are hundreds of small islands on the lake, and some have homes like this one. Note the solar panels on the roof.

Hanging over the side.....wow, is this lake big!

As we got out into the larger area of water, the captain would let the kids steer the boat.

This is the ships bell, it's brass and measures about a foot across.
All in all, it was a nice day and as we finished our cruise, it began to rain.

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