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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Moving On

We have moved on to another campground close to the Villages so we could visit our friends John & Beth. There weren't many people here.
In fact, this is the row that we are parked in. You can see the hitch of a trailer to the right of the picture....he left about an hour later.
So we have plenty of empty room so Casey can play Frisbee.

We met up with John & Beth to do a little shopping in Spanish Springs at the Villages. That's John and Beth with the straw hats. They were having a live concert in the square along with a small flea market.

This shot was taken from the edge of the fountain that surrounds one side of the square.

The center of Spanish Springs is designed just like a real Spanish town.

It was great seeing our friends again but it was time to move on to our next destination. The campground that we were heading to had GPS coordinates so I plugged them in to our GPS and off we went.

Well I must have gone brain dead because two hours later we found ourselves on this road.

Oh Oh!!!!!!!

I should have known that something was wrong when the road turned to dirt. The problems is I had to continue on till I could find a place to turn around. Two miles later that place came up.

Unhook, turn her around on a one lane dirt road with a small side street. Lucky there was only that one tree.

Now to hook up and back track.

Turns out that we were only one street off from our turn off route 46.We made it to our location which is in Titusville and about 1/4 mile from interstate 95.

This is our camp site, not as nice as what we are use to but the price is right.

I will be talking to the manager this morning about work camping here for the next six to seven weeks, and the possibility of returning in January. This place is only about 35 miles from Disney so it's a good home base for things to see and do.

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