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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Weather Is Great, Wish We Could Go

Everything is in bloom and the pollen is killing me but at least the front lawn is coming back and looking good. We cleaned out the old mulch from the gardens. Next week I will pick up some pine bark mulch and freshen up the gardens.

The Jeep has been making a growling noise and I am afraid that it might be the transfer case. The old girl has 137,000 miles on her and things are getting tired. I'd like to get a newer Jeep but would rather spend our money on traveling so the Jeep goes in tomorrow to have it checked out.

Joyce went back to work for a week, they called and asked her to sub for one of the girls that was on vacation.

Casey has been under intense training because we want to be sure that she behaves us. Aussies are very active dogs and require a lot of attention and exersice so we usually take time at the end of the day for play. Here, she wanted to play in her water bowl. She enjoys watching the water movement when she pushed the bowl. Next, she realized that she could splash if she put here paws in.
Joyce had to get a bigger dish so she could get all four paws in.
The training is going better than we expected but whereas we will be on the road again soon, we have to keep at it.

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