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Monday, April 20, 2015

We're Back!!!!!

Yea, I know that it's been a while but we have been enjoying our winter just relaxing in Florida. We are now in Ma. visiting with the kids and I am freezing.
The ride home was not a good one, we had a fuel sensor die on the coach which put us at a Cummins service center for a day.
Really can't complain because they were booked for two weeks out but got us in the next day. They had water and 50 amp hookups so it was at least a comfortable stay.

Once we hit the road again, we ran into this really bad accident. A truck went off the highway and flipped over.

Seems like the people are really getting dumb out there on the roadways. Lots of crazies running from one lane to the next.
Had one jerk come up the entrance ramp and never looked to merge. He was about to hit us so I gave a blast of the air horns which woke him up. He almost went into the ditch. What is wrong with these people. And we have a long trip coming up.

We will be heading out of Ma. towards the end of June. Will be hooking up with a group of 21 other RV's in Dawson Creek BC for a (48) day tour of Alaska. This will be our 50th anniversary trip.
We will also tour Oregon and Washington State, which will give us a completed map of the lower 48 states that we have visited, plus Alaska.

So.......I know that I am behind with my post but will try to make it up with this, our longest trip to date. STAY TUNED!

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