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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Christmas, Florida

Yes......Florida does have it's own Christmas
 The town has an Historical Park that we came upon by surprise.
The Fort contained buildings of different types.
This building contained some really neat appliances.
 Everything was in like new condition.
 From the Lunch Room, we moved on to the School.
 School House
 This is the part that Joyce enjoyed...the school house had a nice display of old typewriters.
Joyce has been wanting one of these for years.
 Do not touch!
 Then there was the classroom in the back.
From the school we ventured out to the rest of the fort.
 Some points of interest.
 Large area.
 Some info on homesteading.
 One of the different styles of houses.
Not bad for it's day.
 Sort of a ranch hand type of house.

 Another home.
 These houses are replicas built 35 years ago.
Christmas got it's own stamp!

 This house was part Post Office, part private home.
Just the right size for a small family.
 Some info on a couple more homes.

 Small but cozy.
 And I loved the chimney.
And the wars were going on during this time.
 The Fort was the place to go during an Indian attack.
 Here comes the troops with their Indian guide.
Some of the artifacts found in the area.
 The Fort

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Great tour! Did not know about this place:)