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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Back To Work

Sorry about the delay but the grand kids used up all the air time on my MiFi and I had to wait for the new month.

Anyways....I went back to work on Monday 7:30 till 11:30 AM. Tough getting out of bed after being use to lounging till 9:00 AM. It got easier as the week progressed.

Got bad news on our Norcold fridge, the cooling coil has to be replaced due to plugging. They normally last a lot longer but ours only made it three years. The worse part is I could buy three residential refrigerators for what it is costing me to have this one repaired. A lot of people are getting residential refrigerators in there RV's. But because you have to run it on 110 volts all the time it doesn't fit our lifestyle of camping.
We like being able to dry camp and choose not to run our generator, sooooooo I have to bite the bullet.

The weather has been nice and warm with a couple of days with light showers. The kids have been to Disney twice, the Brevard Zoo, plus numerous other points of interest.

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