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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Getting Colder And Much To Do To Get Ready

I have to setup the Jeep Liberty with a new Tow Bar Bracket. The setup that we now have on the Wrangler is a Roadmaster but with the Liberty, I will be adapting my Roadmaster Falcon Tow Bar to accept the new Blue Ox Baseplate that I'm installing on the Liberty.
The reason for the change to the Blue Ox is that after unhitching the car from the motorhome, the car has a cleaner look because the bracket is mainly hidden. The two Pins that are showing can be removed easily. So I am fighting the weather to get this done before I have to lay freezing under the car. Looks like this Saturday is going to make it up to 50 degrees so I guess that will be my day.
Another project we have going is to make one of these to protect the Liberty from the small stones that chip the paint. These can be purchased online and have very good reviews for protecting the front of your auto. But, I like a challenge and have already purchased all the parts we need to make on for just under half the price of buying one. So while I do the hitch and light wiring, Joyce will be sewing up a storm.
Once we have all the towing items done and ready to go, we will take the liberty in tow to a local parking lot and test the Tow protector screen in some tight turns. Lets hope this works!

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