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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Zippity Do Da

Today's trip took us to Florida EcoSafaris to do some Ziplining.
In order to get to the Zipline, we had to ride in this swamp buggy......cool!

After about a ten minute ride through a 4700 acre estate,

And a climb up a tower of approx. seven stories, we were ready for the first step. Joyce has a fear of heights but this was her idea so we let her go first.
A view from the tower, we first had to walk the bridge to where Joyce stared her first zip.And there she goes!I went first on the next zip so I could get a shot of her leaving. Let me tell you that it is a funny feeling when you take that first step....wow!We had to walk another bridge as we were coming to the end of the seven zips. Getting closer to the ground.
Would I do it again..........in a minute. They are putting in a roller coaster zip line where you will be suspended from under a rail that will take you up through a series of loops and twist just like a roller coaster.

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