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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bath Day With The K9000

Casey, our dog was beginning to get really grubby so it was time for a bath. We noticed a car wash near by that also had a dog wash. This was all new to us but we thought it deserved a try. The K9000 operates just like the car wash....you put your money in the slot , select wash, soap, flea wash, rinse, and two speeds of blown warm air.
Casey really had a great time in the K9000, can't you tell! Soooo, the bottom line is although it was a little pricey...$8 - $10, it did do a pretty good job


Donna K said...

That looks really convenient but poor Casey doesn't look very happy. That last photo made me laugh.

Vic said...

Thats awesome....but Casey didn't think so did she! lol