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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Coach Is Progressing

The build continues.
In this picture, you are looking at the front of the coach. The cross brace is to keep the walls and roof square while they are all screwed down. The green piece showing in the front is the generator.
This is a view of the back of the coach before the rear cap is installed.
This shot shows the drain tubes that will carry the condensed water from the AC units to the ground from inside the rear cap. No water will run from the roof gutters when running the AC. Nice idea!!!!!
This is obviously the front cap containing the one piece windshield.
Shot from above looking through where the windshield will be.
The hole in the wall is where the dinette slide will be installed. That black bracket against the wall is for the TV.
This is the rear closet area and the area where the stacked washer/dryer is installed.
In this picture, you are looking from the bedroom toward the bathroom.
This is a small lavatory in the bedroom area.
These are the kitchen cabinets waiting to be installed.
This is the slide that will contain the dinette/computer work station and sofa. The black box on the floor is a sub woofer for the surround sound system.
That's it for today, tomorrow the slides will be installed. It's beginning to take shape!!!

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